Quick IBS Relief

IBS can ruin a person’s day. Not only does it contribute to upsetting your stomach but it also prevents patients from enjoying their meals fully due to the repercussions it may bring to them. For that matter, it is important for sufferers to relieve their IBS attacks as soon as possible to be able to return to their normal function. Let us look at some of the quick IBS relief options to help get you started with your treatment.

Men’s Experience with IBS

Even though men are less likely than women to report IBS symptoms, there is still a good number of them who are suffering from sudden discomfort in the muscles found in the intestines. Among the common IBS symptoms in men are the following abdominal cramps, abdominal gas, alternating constipation and diarrhea and bloating. Some men have also reported to have mucus in their stool which can be a very good indication of IBS development. It is important for men not to take IBS lightly or for granted as this can cause further complications down the line if it is not treated on time.

IBS Medication

It should be noted that early signs of IBS development are generally treatable. With that being said, the ones with long-term or recurring symptoms are not normal, making it much harder to treat. For that matter, patients are advised to treat IBS seriously, and it is essential to make the necessary measures to lessen its triggers. IBS medication is often found as over the counter medicines such as hyoscyamine (Levsin) and dicyclomine (Bentyl). These items fall under the anticholinergic and antispasmodic medications which are formulated to help relieve painful bowel spasms.

Natural Alternatives

Medications offer a good amount of relief; however, there is simply more that needs to be done if you want to fully take control of your IBS symptoms. This include making big changes in your diet and lifestyle. IBS sufferers are often advised to exercise more as this can help them relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. Any activity that relieves stress can help with your bowel discomfort which works by stimulating regular intestinal contractions. This is the reason why IBS sufferers are often advised to relax and take some time off to avoid stress build up.

Aside from exercise, diet also plays an integral role in keeping IBS triggers at bay. Diet often includes adding more fiber to your meals. Fiber contributes in easing some of its symptoms; but of course, moderation should be practiced with your intake. You may also want to take some foods and substances off your list such as alcohol, chocolate, coffee, and soda as it can make gastrointestinal pain much worse.

Dairy products should be avoided especially for those who are lactose intolerant and have IBS. There are a number of dairy substitutes you can find in the market. You may also want to get in touch with a dietician to help you with your search, and these professionals will be able to give you great alternatives that you can add to your diet.

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