When IBS Goes Out of Hand

IBS is a serious case that should not be taken lightly or for granted. A number of individuals often find IBS to be a minor annoyance; and if pain triggers, all they need to do is to take medications; and the pain subsides after a short amount of time. With that being said, it is important for IBS sufferers to not be reliant on medications as this can cause a number of issues, complications, and side effects along the way. Let us look at a few cases in which IBS went out of control.

Severe IBS

Crippling IBS is a prevalent issue that has affected many people’s lives. A number of patients have been reported to have become housebound due to experiencing severe IBS for years. Some had to give up work as their IBS symptoms caused severe cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. Others had to be hospitalized multiple times, costing them a fortune. This in turn caused distress to a huge number of individuals as they are often left unable to drive and barely leaving the house for fear of an attack.

IBS with Constipation

Severe IBS can come with a number of complications that can make them troublesome to bear. Aside from the usual pain and cramps, IBS with constipation has also become an issue that has been growing in popularity receiving its fair share of the spotlight over the years. This may include bothersome symptoms such as difficulty or straining at stools, infrequent stools, bloating or gas, as well as feeling of being unable to completely empty themselves during a bowel movement, or the sensation of wanting to go but not being able to.

IBS sufferers need not experience its effects for a long time. Severe IBS can be treated, and its attacks can be lessened with careful planning and consideration.

Lessening IBS Attacks

There are a number of factors that need to be done in order to help reduce the threat of severe IBS. First off, it is important for patients to remove the food triggers of constipation. The reason behind this is that food reactions and food allergies are where diarrhea gets most of the triggers. Improvements will be marginally felt by IBS sufferers by eliminating the most common food allergens from their diets.

Diet plays a very important role in managing IBS symptoms. Patients are advised to go for an easy to digest diet regimen. This involves foods that are non-processed and filled with nourishment that can be easy to digest.

Getting more good bacteria such as probiotics in the stomach is also a plus, and this will definitely go a long way in helping you create the most perfect poop possible. You can get plenty of good bacteria by eating fermented foods on a regular basis. Another good alternative is to take probiotic pills such as lactobacillus acidophilus pills. To avoid complications, you may want to ask for your doctor’s permission or advise before you decide to add probiotic pills to your diet. Treat severe IBS today!

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