IBS Diet and Dealing with IBS

The most common form of IBS is IBS with constipation. There are several symptoms of it such as recurring abdominal pain and discomfort and also bloating or excessive gas. It is important to get accurate information on the condition to improve it. It’s also highly recommended to seek medical advice from doctors who are specializing in this kind of disorder.

Even now it has not been established why some people suffer from it more often than others. IBS with constipation is said to be caused by a sensitive gastrointestinal tract that works slow. This brings about constipation, abdominal pain, and bloating. It is said to be the gastrointestinal tract’s reaction to serotonin which is the natural chemical found in the body that makes it function right.

Diet and disease may also cause IBS with constipation. Most often this is because of not having enough fiber in one’s diet or not having enough fluids. Fiber is known to soften stool while it’s the fluids that flush the stools out from the system.

Diet is often blamed for IBS that comes with constipation for people who are older than 65. There are various reasons for this as well such as medication, poor muscle tone, poor diet, and insufficient water intake.

Another common cause of IBS and constipation is traveling. This is so because people normally suppress the urge to remove bowels when traveling due to lack of proper toilets. There are also people who can’t remove their bowels when they find themselves in an unfamiliar territory.

Just like the other forms of IBS, there isn’t any particular cure for IBS that comes with constipation. There are however treatments that deal with its symptoms. It is also crucial to stabilize bowel habits to avoid abdominal cramping and to avoid the pain that is associated with removing bowels.

For the symptoms that are seasonal and are simply temporary, no treatment is recommended. However, treatments are needed for those who suffer from persistent and chronic symptoms. There is no specific therapy that can remove all the symptoms in one patient.

One form of treatment entails lifestyle changes. One aspect is that of properly dealing with stress. It’s always crucial to have enough sleep, rest, and exercise. IBS diet on the other hand requires eating smaller portions of food consumed more frequently. It also entails consuming low-fat and carbohydrate-rich foods to ensure healthy intestines.

It’s also necessary to have high content of fiber in one’s diet to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of IBS. It’s the fibers that can add bulk to one’s stools making larger ones and softer too that makes it easy to move.

For the proper IBS diet, it’s also necessary to avoid foods that don’t complement your body. Certain eating practices should also be avoided like taking snacks. Snacking is not the same as eating small portions of foods frequently.

It is also necessary for us to chew foods properly. When food is not chewed properly, you have the tendency to eat more which aggravates IBS. These are some of the things to bear in mind to get rid of IBS symptoms completely.




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