Different IBS Treatments To Consider

Millions of people are said to be affected by IBS or irritable bowel syndrome every year around the world. Anyone can’t find a permanent IBS treatment even when he or she gets into an IBS treatment center. What’s available for sufferers are IBS treatments that can aid in reducing the symptoms.

Medical experts want it known however that IBS medication alone cannot singlehandedly get rid of the symptoms. These prescribed medications may only work well and good when they are coupled with lifestyle and dietary changes.

A number of IBS treatments are available for people who regularly suffer from IBS. Treatment methods differ in every patient based on how severe the symptoms and the condition itself. You can find different IBS treatments available for different purposes. For instance you can find prescribed drugs that can help control colon spasms. Some other medications are also available for immediate relief of IBS symptoms.

IBS medications are also available for those who suffer from emotional symptoms of IBS. Psychotropic drugs are intended for those who suffer mental and emotional effects of IBS. The more common name for these medications is antidepressants. There are also several cases when behavioral therapy may be necessary. You will be able to find medications that have side effects; thus it is crucial to consult first with a physician before deciding on a particular one.

IBS is also known to be worsened by anxiety and stress. Hence as part of medication, meditation, hypnosis, biofeedback, and stress management are necessary. This is also where CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy gets into the picture. It is through CBT that IBS sufferers will be taught to reframe stressful situations to avoid stress from worsening the IBS symptoms. All these techniques are made available in IBS treatment centers.

It has also been established information that IBS can be treated well only through a combination of different types of treatment. It is important for any chosen treatment to include diet intervention, counseling, and also stress management.

IBS patients should first and foremost alter their dietary habits by identifying the food items that can trigger IBS symptoms. Some of the food elements that have to be avoided are spices, beans, dairy products, and also wheat. There has to be conscious effort in any sufferer to avoid the aforementioned food items to prevent experiencing the symptoms in no time.

IBS patients should also be aware that there are home remedies for the condition. Some herbs are acknowledged and recommended natural remedies to treat IBS symptoms. Examples of these are artichoke, the Japanese pagoda tree, and horse chestnut.

Dill oil is another natural treatment intended for the colon since it cleanses the colon and treats intestinal illnesses. Dill oil can be taken in small amount along with a tablespoon of honey after every meal. This is also known to cure flatulence, excessive sweating, constipation, and headaches. This is often sold in any herbal store nearby.

Another homemade remedy for IBS is mixing a small amount of salt (1/2 teaspoon) with lukewarm water and drinking the solution right after getting off the bed in the morning.

These are some of the different IBS treatment methods that you can choose from.




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